Hello, I'm Rebecca Seehra


Generally,  I introduce myself as an illustrator and digital artist - and indeed  this is where a lot of my life has lead me - but my work isn't limited  to these areas alone; as well as creating digital paintings and  published works, I have also worked on websites and general graphic  design in books, leaflets and e-books.


I  left college in 2008 with a BTEC in Art and Design and a new-found  enjoyment of book illustration and, because of this, I went on to take a  BA in Illustration at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (now  Cardiff Metropolitan University).  Here I was able to experiment with a  variety of methods and eventually settled on using programs such as  Adobe Photoshop to create my work, one I have continued to use since  graduating with honours in 2011. The course also encouraged partnerships  with other subjects and, along with my college education in graphic  design, I have continued using Adobe InDesign for the creation of  published works and am learning the use of Dreamweaver.

And now?

After  graduating, I started Becka's Cards and then RSeehra Illustration (with  the help of a near-unique name!), the results of which you can view on the Portfolio tab at the top of the page.