Pet Portraits

Digital Pet Portraits

If you would like a digital drawing of your pet, or one as a gift for someone else, simply send an email to me at: and I will let you know how soon I can start.
The standard portrait is a 7 x 5 inch .jpg, which can be printed on anything up to A4 in size. This would cost £40. Please note though: the cost doesn't include printing! If you would like a portrait larger than A4, the cost would change accordingly, please contact me for more information.

Why digital?

The  benefit of a digital portrait is that you can have as many prints, in  as many sizes, and on as many things as you like. I am happy to print  the portrait for you, at cost, using if you are  unsure of doing it yourself, and am happy to offer assistance however I  can. If you have a certain size or object in mind, please let me know before I start, as I should be able to tailor what I draw to that object. On average, portraits take one week to complete,  but I will very often have a waiting list (especially at busy periods,  such as Christmas), so you will need to take this into consideration if you need the portrait by a certain date. I can offer a voucher for you to give the recipient if I would be unable to complete the portrait in time.

All I need to start the portrait is a good quality photograph  (though the more you have, the better for me!) which I would need  emailed to me. I'm afraid I'm no longer able to travel to take  photographs myself for you. If your pet has red-eye in the photograph  this isn't a problem, but it needs to be in focus and not too  dark/light. Once you're on my waiting list, I'll send you an email when I  make a start along with an approximate finish date. When  the portrait is complete, you will be sent a watermarked version for  your approval (I am happy to make any potential changes you may wish)  and once we've agreed on the final image, and the payment has come  through, I will send you the un-watermarked image. I am happy to accept direct bank transfers, or a paypal payment.

Any further questions you may have, please email me!